Consider to variety of excuses, including competent teachers、courses、location, and so on. I chose SMEAG Sparta Campus.

My original flight was on November 1, by the of flight postponed, I took the plane on November 2.

However, we departed at 12:55 midnight, I almost stayed overnight.

When I was on the road to SMEAG Sparta Campus, I knew the friend in Cebu life, Ashley, who I talked a lot about our destination and dream.

She wants to be the best fashion designer in the world stage.

Finally, we arrived the Sparta campus.

At the first slight, I will never forgot my first impression of SMEAG, the waving Taiwanese flag in the air and bright SMEAG signs.

After progress test, I got study load and started my life in SMEAG.

In the class aspect, I have seven classes, two of the classes are one to one classes, two of classes are power speaking, two of the classes are Sparta classes one of the classes is one to four class.

In addition, I live in premium dormitory, I have tea time that I can ask any questions to my teachers who live in premium dormitory.

Despite it makes me feel stressed and tired, I fresh out everyday.

“No pain ,No gain” can completely express our SMEAG life.


My R&W teacher is Marvin, who always wears smile on his face.

I have to write diary weekdays, it does not only improve my writing skills but also benefit my speaking skills.

Due to Marvin’s excellent and amazing teaching skills, I can decrease using Taiwanese English.

Moreover, Apple is my L&S teacher who is very patient to point out my grammar mistake.

When I make mistakes in speaking, she always explain it to me patiently.

She does not only teach me English skills but also enlighten my philosophy.

My one to four teacher is MJ who is very strict to students at first.

As time passed by, I found she always teases me.

She and another student, Ashley always laugh at me during the class. We have a listening exam every Friday.

Moreover, one of us has to be punished who gets lower score.


Unfortunately, in the four exams, I got lower score three times. Hence, you can see my different drawings on my hands and face every Friday.

In the class, Teacher also exchanges identify with us and we have to teach her.

Sometimes I feel nervous in teaching.

However ,when I conquer this challenge ,I feel I have a few improvements in how to explain vocabulary in English.

Furthermore, I still have two power speaking and Sparta classes.

Many students regards power speaking classes as power sleeping classes, because they don’t have enough time to do homework or review.

Nevertheless, I think we have to attend the classes.

There are different kinds of power speaking classes, you can choose Survival English、Accent English or Speak Up.

You can improve your communication or debating skill or how to live with English.

It’s very useful to us. Hence, if you choose Sparta Campus, please attend Power Speaking classes as far as possible.

For the reason that I don’t have good listening skills, I attend CNN and News & Sitcom to improve my listening skills.

In my case, I attempted all of the Sparta Classes, and I chose the best class for me.

In addition, I made a lot of friends in the campus.

Owing that the rules of Sparta Campus is very stricter than others, I have longer time to stay here and I can know new friends easily.

I really enjoy my life in SMEAG, and I have a memorable experience.



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